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Tom Longtin
Tom Longtin
glass sculpture by Hans Schepker, designed by Tom Longtin
Glass sculpture designed by Tom Longtin for glass artist Hans Schepker.  Photo courtesy of Hans Schepker.

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mathematically-themed sculpture puzzles that you assemble yourself
  designed by Tom Longtin

About the artist:

Tom Longtin is a graphic artist, computer programmer, and mathematical sculptor whose work bridges the worlds of art and science.

Tom has been a consultant for musicians, mathematicians, and sculptors, including Hans Schepker.  He studied mechanical engineering and computer science at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, focusing on 3D geometric computer graphics programming.  Tom was a computer programmer at Cranston/Csuri Productions, one the first computer animation labs in the world, where he was involved in producing both commercial and academic work.  Tom’s work in animation for commercial television, including Miramar's video The Mind's Eye, has been recognized across the globe.  His work has been featured in books celebrating M.C. Escher's centennial, and in best-selling author Dr. Clifford Pickhover's book, The Mobius Strip (Basic Books, 2007).

Tom's 3D software was used in creating award-winning animation work for the Superbowl and Olympics, and he has worked for Boston University and the New York Institute of Technology.  He has created magazine and journal covers for Gear Technology Magazine and the Power Transmission Design Trade Journal.   His work has been featured in the publications of Ars Et Mathesis (Art and Mathematics Foundation) from the Netherlands, and as cover art for Computer Graphics and Applications (International Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

His sculptural pieces have been exhibited by the Bennington Museum, and are held in collections throughout the northeast, including the personal collections of professors, writers, musicians, and sculptors. Tom is member of the Bennington Arts Guild, and resides in Bennington, Vermont.


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