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a prototype for a new puzzle

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a puzzle within a puzzle

Fulcrum Design Logo
mathematically-themed sculpture puzzles that you assemble yourself
  designed by Tom Longtin

Q. What age range do you recommend for the sculpture puzzles?
A. Ages 8 to 98.  The sculpture puzzles help build spatial reasoning skills in the young, and help maintain manual dexterity in the the young-at-heart.

Q. Do I need to buy glue or other materials to complete the puzzles?
A.  No glue is necessary to hold the puzzles together, and everything you need in included in each kit.

Q. Do you have any tips on how to assemble the puzzles?
A. Use the illustrated instructional sheet provided with each puzzle kit to get you started.  Gently squeezing the interlocking tabs until you hear a "clicking" sound ensures a tight fit.  To insert the final puzzle piece, you may have to gently loosen the surrounding pieces to maneuver it in.  If you have a very difficult time getting the pieces together, have a friend help hold the puzzle as you assemble it. 

Q. How can I use the sculptures once they are complete?
A.  The puzzles are the perfect size for a bookshelf or desk accessory.  They are also light-weight, and make great mobiles by tying a loop of string around them. 

The 100% recycled material is attractive on its own, however, the sculptures can be painted -- either acrylic or oil-based paint works well.  The sculptures may also be gently disassembled by inserting a small, narrow blade (like a pen-knife) between the interlocking tabs, and can be assembled and disassembled over and over.

One you have mastered assembly without the instructions, check out our puzzle challenge for ideas on how to raise the bar on your puzzle experience!

Q. How much is shipping?
A. Shipping (by USPS parcel post) within the continental US is free.  We do ship world-wide.  Please contact us for a shipping quote for other destinations.

Q. I've misplaced the assembly instructions.  How can I get another copy?
A. The assembly instructions for the Step-Star are available here, and for the Trefoil Knot, here.

Q. What is your return policy?
A. We want you to enjoy your sculpture puzzles.  If, for any reason, this is not the case, please contact us within 30 days of your purchase.  Include a photo of the problem, if possible.  We will respond to you promptly, and issue a replacement part, or if necessary, a return authorization.  Please note that you are responsible for return shipping charges for items that are not damaged or defective, and no returns will be accepted without contacting us first for authorization.


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