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Fulcrum Design Logo
mathematically-themed sculpture puzzles that you assemble yourself
  designed by Tom Longtin

Computers are a powerful means for encouraging and facilitating artistic expression.

Computers with graphic and modeling software are as readily available to today’s artists as brushes and paints, or a sculptor’s mallet and chisel, were in workshops of centuries past. 
Using a computer allows unlimited trial-and-error variations on a theme.

Moebius Helix
Computers also enable hand-drawn sketches to be scanned in as a starting point, just as we can paste our scribbled notes into a written composition.

Computer design allows for trial-and-error, without the necessity to invest in expensive materials, which can inhibit creative experimentation. The computer's undo and redo capabilities permit essential visualizing of alternatives which converge towards a desired result -- or diverge in a direction not originally imagined.

When I have visualized a new creation to my satisfaction on the computer, I can output an original work of art. 

For me, the result is accomplishment of my artistic goals.

Moebius Helix: First Prize Winner of the Intersculpt Digital Sculpture Competition (Deuxième Concours International de Sculpture Numérique, Paris, France, 2001)

Scrapcycle by Tom Longtin
(above) Scrapcycle
(below) detail of pegged mortise and tenon joints on Double Mobius sculpture constructed out of red oak, on exhibit at the downtown Bennington Museum Shop

detail of pegged mortise and tenon joints on Double Mobius sculpture constructed out of red oak
Turbo Helix
(above) Turbo Helix
(below) Timberframe Trefoil Knot, outdoor sculpture in Bennington, Vermont, Summer 2009

Timberframe Trefoil Knot


©2009 Tom Longtin